2014 Costume Goals


Every year, I create a list of costumes and gowns that I would like to make. In 2013, I had a long list, and I did get quite a lot of pattern work and cutting done early in the year. However, the moment I became pregnant (and my energy levels plummeted), the plan went out the window. Now I have a beautiful and happy baby girl, and I am ready …continue…

Princess Leia


Here is my Princess Leia costume with the fabulous double hair buns! I made this in about a week before CVI.  The belt is made from white leatherette and is covered in thin metal plates and buttons. I wore this costume again for Halloween this year – since I lost a lot of weight, I had to take the belt in 6 inches.  Always a classic!  



Giselle!  My favorite Disney princess, who is not really a princess.  This dress was the bain of my existance for nearly a year!  It just would not cooporate with my vision. But – I finally got it right, just in time for DCON 09. This dress is covered in embroidered flowers, and it has 3 layers of chiffon in the underskirt. I also made the matching head wreath! I added …continue…

Greek Godesses


We had a great photo shoot at Dragoncon this year with the Greek deity group.  Elizabeth is the muse Psyche, and I am Gaia. Lionel took some excellent photos which I need to hunt down!  

Sucker Punch


Elizabeth and I dressed as characters from Sucker Punch at DCON 2011.  I am Madame Gorski (from spare extra pieces), and she made an awesome Sweet Pea!   I still have the Baby Doll sparkle outfit on my to do list…



We won hall contest favorite at DragonCon this year with our customized Sleestak costumes! We stuffed the hands and feet, sturdied up the entire outfit, and added a red bow and an umbrella for the ladies. Every year, the four of us march in the DCON parade as Sleestaks. Everyone in the crowd loves us!  (Even if they have no idea what we are!)